Business Bundles

Save more on your Telephone, High Speed Internet, and Long Distance with us!

For a monthly cost of $104.90 plus taxes and fees, you get all of the following services:

All Package that include Internet require Total Care at $4.59 per mo. Total Care includes Managed Wi-Fi, Internet Equipment and Labor.

Just sign up and we will do the rest!

Wide Area Calling Plan charge applies to the Cedar Lake Exchange

  • Residential Local Telephone Service
  • 100 minutes per month of long distance provided by XStream Services Long Distance
  • 10 Mbs DSL Internet Connection
  • Call Waiting
  • Call ID Name & Number
  • 3-way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Short Speed Call (8 numbers)
  • Telephone Wire & Repair Service

If that’s not enough, we also offer several inexpensive upgrade options:

Upgrade to 300 minutes of long distance: $21.59

Upgrade DSL Internet connection: 15 Mbs-$12.90, 25 Mbs-$27.89, or 50 Mbs-$47.50

Upgrade to Expanded 17 feature package: $14.95 Expanded 17 feature package includes all the calling features that come with the basic bundle plus:

  • Call Forward Busy
  • Selective Distinctive Ring (& Distinctive ring call waiting)
  • Basic Voice Mail
  • Automatic Repeat Dialing
  • Automatic Call Return
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call Rejection