Helpful Tips and Advice

Phone Safety Tips

Your telephone is one of the safest appliances in your home or office.  All the same, there are a few precautions you can take:

  • Do not use the phone while in the bathtub, shower or swimming pool.  A phone dropped in the water could cause electrical shock.
  • Protective measures are taken to limit electrical surges from entering your home, but absolute lightning protection is impossible.  Avoid using the telephone during electrical storms.  Keep urgent calls brief.
  • If you suspect a gas leak, report it at once, using a telephone away from the area in question. It is unlikely, but a phone’s electrical contacts can create tiny sparks when you dial that could ignite concentrations of gas.

Telephone Fraud, Obscene or Annoying Calls

To protect yourself against telephone fraud, be careful about giving out your credit card number. Never give out your credit card number over the phone unless you place the call.

We hope it does not happen.  But “IF” you receive obscene, abusive or threatening calls:

  • Remember, you control your phone, not the caller. 
  • Hang up at the first obscene word. 
  • Also hang up if the caller remains silent after the second time you say hello.

Do not give your name or address unless you know who is calling.  Advise your children and guests not to give out any information about who is at home when you are away.  Simply ask the caller to leave a message or to call back.

Consider services that can protect your security and privacy

  • Caller ID lets you know who is calling before you pick up the phone.  Some telephone numbers may not come thru such as Anonymous, Private, or Blocked numbers.
  • Call Blocker rejects calls from specified numbers and can even block calls from numbers you do not know.
  • Call Trace initiates a trace of harassing calls.

If unwanted calls persist or for more information about these services call us at 542-3262.